MWS 7.1.3 - [POP.017.0007] You don't have permissions to...

Hi there,

Well I’m posting here regarding one error we have after applying several fixes on TEST environment. One workflow application have regressions,

When we are trying to click and the validate button, in order to go ahead of the task, we have this new error message :

com.webmethods.portal.mech.access.PortalAccessException: [POP.017.0007] You don’t have permissions to view this task

It’s the first time, and doesn’t happen in production (we don’t apply fixes in prod, we’re making non-regression tests).

Because the webMethods error Message is too old (6.5.3!) the error code is not present, so we have difdiculties to analyse the issue.

We are in MWS 7.1.3 with MWS fix 9

Did someone already have this error ?


Could you provide more details on the following:

Are you looking at a custom Task Inbox when you click a validate button? Are you on a task details page? What action(s) does the validate button perform?


Hi :slight_smile:

To be more in details, in this application we have two kind of human tasks.

For the first one “FI”, buttons don’t do anything to approve or reject the task.
For the second one “MM”, from the inbox when I go to see the task detail I have the “You don’t have the premission to …”

Both tasks are custom and I trying to get the implementation code.

Also I reproduced the error around 9.43 am CEST today and increase the MWS log level.
In attachement you can see it.

MWS_LOG.txt (467 KB)

Have you had a look at the functional privileges associated with the second task? Is the user a member of a role that has sufficient permissions?


Note : all methods below come from CAF lib :

We found the error (we think).
To make modification on a task before assign it to the next approver, we make an .acceptTask()

Then we perfom some changes in data and we do a .applyChanges() and an .unacceptTask()

This idea of the unacceptTask() is to remove the “Accepted by…” because we assign the task to a new user (who will be in “Assign to” list).

What we notice is that “Accepted by …” list is not clean after the .unacceptTask() method.

I’m thinking we can use the method .applyChangesNoAccept(), but I’m not sure.



We faced this issue when we migrated to webMethods 713.

According to our observation, in webMethods 713, to open /view / update a task - along with the functional privileges on the task, user must also be in a role which is present in assignedToList of the task.

In your case, applyChanges(), applyChangesNoAccept() method will work if the user (performing these actions) is part of the role which is set to acceptedByList of current task.

Hope this helps.
Best regards,
Raja sekhar Kintali


Have you tried to change the “needAcceptToUpdate” and “autoaccept” properties:

  private static final String[][] MYTASK_PROPERTY_BINDINGS = new String[][] {
      { "#{MyTask.taskID}", "#{MyTaskView.taskID}" }, { "#{MyTask.autoAccept}", "false" },
      { "#{MyTask.adhocRouting}", "false" }, { "#{MyTask.needAcceptToUpdate}", "false" }, };


Hi Raja,

The level 1 approver and the level 2 have several business role and also have together the App_approver role (used in this application).

In Production it’s ok, but in DEV/TEST with new MWS fixes, I think that maybe something change as we updated to MWS fix 9

we’ll investiguate so the role hypothesis, thanks

Hi Vlad,

No yet, I’ll try to make the change and see :slight_smile:


I am getting the below eror when some user task is getting invoked.
In my process I have one user task.When I am publishing some document to start BPM process ,BPM process is getting started but getting failed at user task.
Below is the IS as well as MWS error logged for this issue.

electric.util.WrappedException: SOAPException( Server.userException: com.webmethods.portal.bizPolicy.BizException: [POP.017.0004] You dont have permissions to queue new task )
at com.webmethods.caf.wsclient.proxy.impl.WSClientDynamicProxy.getCompatibleException(
at com.webmethods.caf.wsclient.proxy.impl.WSClientDynamicProxy.invoke(
at com.sun.proxy.$Proxy86.queueTask(Unknown Source)
at pub.task.taskclient.queueTask(
at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)
at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(
at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(
at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(
at com.wm.lang.flow.FlowInvoke.invoke(

Baharul Islam

Hi Baharul,

is this for version 7.1.3 or another version?

If it is for another version it might be a good idea to open a new thread for this.

which user are you using for trying to open a new task instance?
Did you check the Permissions Management in MWS for this user?


Hi Holger,
Thanks for your reply.

Currently using 9.8 version on Windows system.

Not exactly trying to create new task instance.
When my BPM process is started ,I am logging to MWS as Administrator user and can see my process get failed at user task step with the mentioned error.So,I don’t think there can be any issue with permission management as before any user intervention it is getting failed.

Baharul Islam

Hi Baharul,

the creation of the task instance is done intermettently between PRT and TaskEngine, when the process reaches a user task step.

When the creation of the user task instance fails, there is no user intervention possible at all.

So there are several places to check for privileges/permissions etc.:

  • WmMonitor (should point to the MWS where the Process Admin and the Task is hosted)
  • WmTaskClient (should point to the MWS where the Task is hosted)
  • MWS -Admin - my webMethods - Tasks (should point to the IS where there Process and the TaskClient is runnig)
  • MWS -Admin - my webMethods - Servers (should point to the IS where there Process is runnig)
  • MWS -Admin - System Wide - Permissions Management - Tasks -

What is your current Filx-Level for IS, PRT/PE, MWS (incl. TE) and TaskClient?