mWM doesn't paint graphics / KPI

Hi all,
I have some problems:
(1) I have created several KPI, but for one of them, in “Administration>Analytics>KPI>Business Data” doesn’t present the Monitor Detail icon, and it doesn’t appear in any graphics. How can I re-deploy it? What can I do?

(2) For the KPIs that seems to work, from “Monitoring>Business>Business Overview”, when I click on the different values, the graphic does not present any data. The labels appear at the bottom of the picture, but it doesn’t draw anythink. One by one, you can see that it has data, but I cannot see three lines in the same graphs. Do I need any concrete version of the IExplorer or of the flash plugin?


Not sure, but you may need a SVG viewer plugin. Or, configure MyWm to display jpeg probably.

This some times happens for me too, a work around until the problem is pinpointed is to restart the analytic engine. At least this works for me,

FYI I have iexplorer 6.02800 with the latest Flash player (including todays auto update).


This topic help me a lot in developing my project. I will contribute more when I finished it.

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