MWM does not show graphic for model instance

I have a fresh installation of wm 6.5 (Windows), with MWM and Modeler. I can run my model as follows:

  1. in Modeler, enable model for monitoring
  2. in MWM, enable model for execution
  3. in Developer, publish document associated with first step of the model
  4. debugLog statements in the model’s steps verify that the model was executed
  5. in MWM, monitor shows the execution instance for the model, but the graphical view is blank. Other information about the instance is valid.

Note, I verified that my browser has the SVG viewer installed

MWM works fine on several other computers.

Any ideas why my graphic is blank.

Try to change the Model Image Format from SVG to JPEG.
To do this, go to User Administration / “Edit your user” / User preferences.

This should work better.

Solution :

SVG viewer plugin needs to be installed
[FONT=Verdana]Click InternetExplorer(respective browser) image to install the plugin from this website…

Hope this info helps…


I have a problem with WmMonitor.

When running the model, I can follow the stages in the
WmMonitor but there is no SVG graph of the model itself and
the steps and branches that have been taken (all other process models
do shown this graph).

Please help.