Multiple Task Views


We are trying to implement a Task in which the Task Details span over multiple Task views. We are not able to access Task Data in any of the Task Details views other than the default view. The bindings view shows the task object but has no values in it.

Please help us and let us know if you need more clarity.


can anyone help?

good luckā€¦ but i think you need to use maybe a custom inbox and search against the criteria manually using searchtasks pub.task.taskclient:searchTasks

Hi Sunny,
just to clarify, you are trying to implement one task details portlet with multiple views in it, right?
If this is the case, to access your business data in the other views, you need to add references to it.

  • Open your Task Default view.
    In the Bindings view, right click in your Task Business Data bean.
    Select Add-> Reference
    In the window opened, mark the checkbox for the needed view bean.

Hope this helps,