Multiple requests coming from webservice to IS

I am getting multiple requests from web service connector to IS on save. I have multiple operations in the same web service, and when I compared the one giving problem to others that are working, I found that somehow I lost two settings in WS operation’s Data Binding:

      1. Authentication Info / Authentication Method 
      2. Authentication Info / Requires Auth

I guess I need both the settings for the WS to send only one request at a time.

I found setting 1 under Bindings expert property and set Authentication method to Basic. However, I am not able to find a way to set Requires Auth to ‘true’.

Please see attached screenshot.

HI Altaf,

Interesting to see it’s not visible in right panel.

You can still update the property when you are call refresh() on the connector.


You can also update the setting in MWS ==> CAF Application Runtime Configuration.

On the duplicate calls. Can you check if you have autoRefresh enabled. Also, is the calls in split seconds?