Multiple messages being picked by SOAP over JMS Provider

For SOAP over JMS transactions, is there any way to control the thread count that can be utilized for controlling the messages that are picked from UM.

We tried setting the Max Thread Count in trigger settings. But the result was not as expected.

Eg: We had set the Max Thread Count to 3. However we publish 20 msgs to UM all were getting picked from the UM.

Ideally the trigger should have waited for the already running instances to be completed first before picking up the new set.

The wM version we are using is 9.7.

Appreciate any input.

Thanks for your support in advance!!

On the trigger setting is the Serial or Concurrent with max thread 3?


Thanks for your reply.

It’s set for concurrent processing. Client Ack mode and the type of txn used for ion creating JMS connect is No_Txn

By “Max Thread Count” you meant “Max execution threads” property on the JMS Trigger?

This property is applicable when you’d like IS to process the JMS messages concurrently which are already retrieved from UM to IS…

Correct i meant “Max execution threads” property.

If this property is for the messages that are already retrieved from UM. So is there any way to control how the messages will be retrieved from the UM?