Multiple instances of backing bean for a single view

Against every single view in CAF we have a managed backing bean. Its deceleration in faces.config is below.

pagebean test1 Test1View com.webmethods.caf.managedBeans.Test1View session Specifies whether the session bean expires when the pageflow is out of scope Expire With Page Flow expireWithPageFlow java.lang.Boolean false

What happens it that when ANY getter is called for a property, that is bound to a UI field in view, it is called twice. On debugging it came as that both getters were called for TWO DIFFERENT instances of the backing bean of the view; I can say both are different instances because they have different hashCodes.

The issue comes when getter is called for one of the beans that does not have the data populated.

I am using WebMethods8.0 and its a CAF Web Application; ITS NOT A PORTAL APPLICATION. Things work fine when i create a CAF portal application.

Very Interesting. I have built CAF Web Applications in the past and had not seen this behaviour. I have seen quite a few other “interesting” :roll: behaviours though, but I will not talk about them now.

Is it possible for you to attach an export of your web Application so I can have a look?