Multiple instances got created after deploying microservice

Hello Everyone,
I would like to understand why a micro service gets unhealthy (multiple instances got generated). We had added “Context Service” to fetch credentials for making a REST API call in SDK implementation. After deployment, the microservice got unhealthy.

The roles mentioned in the service are “Inventory, Measurement, Alarm, Event, Identity, Tenant and Option Managements”.

Please help me on how to resolve this.

Your microservice is considered unhealthy when it does not respond positively to queries to its health endpoint. The health endpoint is defined in your manifest (see: here)

Usually this happens because of a crash but the exact reason why your microservice behaves this way depends on your implementation.

Hi Philipp,

So in our deployed microservice, we are getting an error that it is not able to pull the image. And the service is coming as unhealthy. @Vamsi_Baggu mentioned the roles being used in the service and the changes caused that caused this issue. So do you have any idea how can we resolve this issue? Any extra role is required or anything else

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