Multiple clustered IS writing to a single DB for logging.

Hi guys,

We have 2 Clustered IS writing sharing the same DB for logging purposes.
I expect to see the exact same errors with the exact same timestamp under Logs/Error in the Admin Console.
But this is not the case.
I do see both the IS writing to the DB ( I see the Server ID) in the DB.
Both the IS are 6.5
on Windows 2003
Java Version 1.4.2_07 (48.0)

The JDBC pools are configured to point to the same DB.

I have this under my extended setting to enable DB logging instead of filebased:

You guys think im missing a fix or an update?
I currently have these:

Any help would be monumentally appreciated.

the error log entries are stored and retreived by hostname. you will only see the errors for the physical server you are attached to even though it is the same database.

How do i see the same logs in both the IS logs pages simultaneously?
Is there a way?
Any help would be monumentally appreciated.

I’m not aware of anything within IS Administrator nor mWS that would do this. The best bet may just be a generic DB tool like TOAD.

Mark & Rob,
You guys are right.
The logs are associated with the ServerID of IS that inserts and retrieves them.
Retreiving them from another IS is not possible.

Thanks a lot for your help gentlemen.
I appreciate your help.
Scoobydoo !