Multiple Broker or Single Broker?


We have two webMethods servers, one in China and the other one in North America, and the network is not very nice, the bandwidth is about 2MB. Now we want to connect these two server with Broker. Now there are two choices for us, one is to setup only one Broker server in China or North America, and the other choice is to setup two Brokers, one in China and the other in North America. So which choice is better? Thanks a lot.

“Better” depends on what you’re trying to do.

But in all likelihood, a Broker on each side with both in a single territory is the way to go.

Thanks reamon. We want to use the Broker as the message bus between different regions. And there my be several IS in each region. And we want to use the Broker to connect all the IS. So which one is better for the Performance and Stability concern? Thanks a lot.

its a broker on either side all the way I think. Broker to Broker communication inside of a territory is far more efficient and better at dealing with bad links than Broker to IS.

Ask yourself this question, and the answer should help you decide which way to go:

If there is just one Broker available, and all the IS instances in both North America and China connect to that Broker, will the network provide the necessary throughput?

Consider the paths that will be taken when:

  • Two (or more) North America IS instances communicate

  • Two (or more) China IS instances communicate

  • Traffic flows from North America IS instances to China instances and vice versa

The characteristics of these interactions will lead you to a configuration that will best work for your scenario.

Keep in mind the following:

  • IS instances connect to just one Broker

  • Brokers in a territory share doc type, subscriptions and other information

  • A subscription on one Broker is made known to the other Brokers in the territory. A publish of a document type will each all subscribers within the territory, regardless of the Broker they are connected to.

  • Broker-to-Broker communication passes just one copy of a published doc–even if the target Broker has many, many subscriptions. The receiving Broker dispatches the single message to all its subscribers (I assume the efficiency zezeran pointed out referred to this facility).

  • If a document is published on one Broker, and the other Broker(s) in the territory do not have any subscriptions, the document will not be sent to those. Thus, if two North America IS instances interact, and no China IS instances care about that particular doc type, the doc will not travel across the 2MB path.