Multiple BAPI services caching common input variable?

Hello! We are experiencing the same issue on SAP Adapter 4.01 on IS 4.6 as well as SAP Business Connector 4.0 (wM B2B Server 4.01) which are on seperate servers.

OS = Windows 2000 Advanced Server on both servers

IS = ver 4.6 Build 939 with SP2
B2B Server = ver 4.01 Build 698

SAP Adapter = ver 4.01 Build 502 with SP6 on IS 4.6 system and ver 4.0 on B2B Server

SAP instance = SAP 3.1 i

We have 4 custom BAPIs (non-standard SAP BAPI custom coded) being called from 4 distinct IS services. The BAPIs, hence IS services have identical input variable name “CustomerNumbers”, and other BAPI-specific input variables. The same variable “CustomerNumbers” is returned in BAPI output as well. In IS services, this variable is a record list, and Table type in SAP.

From time to time (but not all the time), if we send a BAPI request with a list of values of CustomerNumbers, IS ends up sending a totally different list of values of CustomerNumbers, and receives BAPI response corresponding to the totally different list of values, not to our original list of CustomerNumbers. For example, we send in BAPI request with CustomerNumbers values of 100 and 200; still the IS sends in CustomerNumbers value of, say 500, 600 and 700 to SAP and therefore we receive BAPI response for CustomerNumbers values of 500, 600 and 700; not our list of values of 100 and 200.

If we call either the same or a different BAPI using the same input values of CustomerNumbers, we keep getting reponse back for CustomerNumbers values of 500,600 and 700.

We checked by means of SAP trace, and confirmed that it is IS/Business Connector that is sending erroneous inputs into SAP. The SAP BAPI executes its response on the inputs provided to it; but those inputs happen to be different from the ones we gave.

We have a number of other BAPI services which do not have any common variable names; and they work just fine.

We have tried turning caching off on all of the affected IS services. No use.
We have tried turning these IS services as Stateless, with a good impact, but not foolproof.

I would appreciate if anyone can offer help. Thanks in advance.