Multicasting in webMethods

How can we perform multicasting in webMethods?

I haven’t ever try this but you can see, if below solutions helps you out

  1. If your receiver systems are not related to webMethods:

Setup mulitcast IP address and make them to join this group and send message using HTTP post

  1. If your receiver system is webmethods then use broker pub-sub model which ensure guarantee delivery also

  2. May be a custom java service will also help you out. Please see below link

First clarify your requirements, because you may already head the wrong direction with asking for multicast. Usually people try to avoid using it.

Why do you want to do multicast?

What do you really mean with multicast? Do you want to do Ip multicast (and why?) or just have multiple receivers (In this case this is just standard pub sub pattern which is supported out of the box by webMethods messaging).

Martin Wroblinski, Thank you for your response.

I just have multiple receivers, for that i need to use pub sub messaging. How can we perform in pub sub?

Please read the appropriate documentation, this can be found in the Broker documentation and the Messaging Programmer’s Guide.