Multi Fetch and FASTPATH.


On Mainframes, can we use Multi-Fetch and FASTPATH simultaneously? Or not using them together is a rule of thumb? Please advise.

I looked at this earlier thread: , however there is no follow up after the last post which actually talks about the “Multi Fetch and FASTPATH” - can someone please guide on this.


Adabas Fastpath will happily co-exist with applications that use multifetch either explicitly, by the use of statement-level multifetch, or implicitly, by the use of ADARUN PREFETCH=YES.
The use of multifetch in either of these ways will take precedent over Adabas Fastpath’s own read-ahead processing.
The advantage of using Fastpath’s read-ahead processing is that it is non-invasive to the application, requires no JCL changes, and offers a fine level of granularity regarding the identification of which command types and descriptors may be subjected to its read-ahead processing.
Hope this helps.