MTOM---Testing through SOAP UI

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we are developing a webservice which can handle attachments. A filed was declared base64 content type. from SOUP UI…while testing we are cache the attachment and send the file over that field. At webMethods service we are able to receive the encoded content of that file. every thing is going well…

in the below screen shot, cid:LrPhoto.log

If we test… we are retrieving the content of LrPhoto in the encoded format into webMethods service.

here… i need to retrieve the value “cid:LrPhoto.log” of that tag along with the encoded content to webMethods.

Any Idea…!!!

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Did you check the public services for converting base64 decode etc…and extract the content?

If you are uing the latest version of IS, and the client SOAP UI is configured using MTOM, your receiving service should have a
XOPObject in the pipeline once the request reach your service.
you can use: pub.soap.utils:getXOPObjectContent to get base64String, bytes or stream.

make sure you set the SOAP UI to have use_MTOM=true, the default is false, which it will put the whole file under your node, which is not taking advantage of MTOM.


This there any possible way of capturing the raw request sent through SOAP UI?

We are receiving attachments as MTOM in webMethods. Is there any possible way to see it? PFA for better understaing.

SavePipeline doesn’t store this information.

WebMethods version: 9.5

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Can you please have a look at below page. We are have similar implementation. But could not see the MTOM data in webMethods. Can you suggest on this.

Jacob B