MTOM streaming of attachments

Hi All,
I’m trying to send attachments over webservices using MTOM streaming.
I’ve gone through the web services developers guide and followed whatever steps are given in the guide.
But when I try to create an XOP object, the service at all times returns null inspite of whatever input is provided.
Any light on this issue would be very much appreciated.

I’m using IS 8.2 SP1.


Did you get a solution for this?

Found the below info from a different SI… This should explain why you see ‘null’ as output.

“The xopObject is shown as null in Developer/Designer since object serialization/de-serialization of XOP objects is currently not supported in IS 8.2 as a whole. This is just an issue of displaying the object in the Developer/Designer tools and does not affect the functionality.
E.g. when exposing the service (with xobObject variable as output) as a web service, IS 8.2 does return a proper non-null value.
So this is not a product bug issue but a current restriction of wM 8.2 implementation.”