MS SharePoint Services


Does anyone know if there’s currently a wM adapter to hook into Microsoft Office SharePoint Services?

Otherwise, does anyone have any experience with using the web services that SharePoint provides, from within wM?

In particular, are there any general issues/limitations/tips/tricks I should be aware of when trying to work with these services from within wM?

I’m not quite sure of our customer’s exact requirements at this stage, but I think we’ll need to be able to dynamically generate a workspace with pre-configured “folder structure” based on a template (and possibly pre-populated with some template documents). There’ll probably be some custom security to be configured dynamically as well.

As such, I’m expecting we’ll be calling several services. Are we able to perform some kind of transaction/commit across multiple service calls?

We had considered wrapping the required sub-functionality up in a custom .NET web service, but are wondering if this extra abstraction is really necessary.

Thanks in advance for any help/comments you can offer.

Best Regards.