MQSeries Adapter problem (mqjbnd04.dll not found)

I have installed MQSeries Adapter and added the server settings.
Now when I try to test the adapter it is looking for a dll “mqjbnd04.dll”. But this dll is not present either in the adpater installation or in the MQSeries installation.

Is there some problem with the adpater installation??
Where do I get this dll from.


Which version of MQSeries do you run? Which adapter did you install - IS or ES? Have you installed MA88? Are you running MQ server or connecting via MQ client?

We’ve installed both versions of the adapter, have it running and the file you mention is nowhere to be found - BTW we’re running MQ server and do not connect to a QM via client software.


I am running MQServer on the same machine as that of Integration server.

I am running version 5.2 of MQSeries.
I think I am using IS adapter. I am not sure how to check this…

MA88 is not installed… where to get this from??


If you are using webMethods Enterprise server, you’re using ES (Enterprise Server), else you are using IS (Integration Server) - two different adapters. The MA88 is basically Java classes for MQSeries, available for download.

"MQSeries Product Extension MA88 installed
This SupportPac is available from IBM for no charge at the following URL:
IBM Products "

Hope this helps.