MQ - How to update multi queue listener

Hi All,

We have configured MQ multi queue listener to monitor messages on two queues.
This will create one parent listener and two child listeners.


Here DevQueue1 and DevQueue2 are the queues.

In the target environment the queue names will be different.Say QAQueue1 and QAQueue2 for QA.
When we migrate this to higher environment ,how can we update the child listener names so that it points to environment specific queues.

Please provide any info on this.


when using different QueueManager the queue names should remain the same.

Usually this would be a task for the variable substitution feature of Deployer, but I am not sure if this is currently supported.

I have a feature request running at Brainstorm for SAP Adapter listeners to support variable substitution as application host and gateway service are different in target env in comparison to source env.