MQ Adapter when MQ is restarted


I am currently having a problem whereby overnight MQ is routinely restarted overnight, no messages would normally be sent while this is down. (They always fail)

When it comes back up and next morning when I try to send a message to the queue I get a server error similar to the following:

An error occurred invoking the processing service msgHandlers.MQSeries:ThcEurMQPutTrans for this document. The original error was wm.queue.api.WmQueueException: [BASWMQP.0002.0055] Exception caught: MQJMS2005: failed to create MQQueueManager for ‘THASTEST:DFTQ’ Linked Exception( ReasonCode= 2059)

I assume the message handlers are keeping a connection open somewhere which is terminated when MQ goes down.

How could I fix this, I get a similar problem with the get/listen message handler.

Many thanks for any suggestions,