MQ Adapter Unable to pull the complete message

We are getting a large message on the MQ queue and webMethods MQ adapter is not able to completely read the message, so the message remains on the queue and is being read again and again by the MQ listener.
Please let me know if there are some settings(transaction timeout or similar) which I need to configure to stop this from happening.

Version of MQ adapter 6.5, version of MQ server 7.1 and jars file are in sync.

Cache Overridden Connections : true
Action before Disconnecting an in-transaction Connection : COMMIT
Minimum Pool Size : 0


What is the size of the message.

Did you try with a small message.

did you try using Get Service or Peek Service.

Did you check with msgBody or msgBodyByteArray

What is your webMethdods version.

Is it webShpere MQ?