MQ adapter notification

IS 10.5

Hi guys,

I needed some clarity.

We have got IS MQ adapters configured over IBM webshere MQ adapters. There are listeners created using these adapter connections and then we have got Synchronous Notifications placed on these listeners to process the MQ messages using a flow service.

We recently noticed that the flow service gets executed in a sequential fashion while all along we were under the impression that the synchronous listeners process messages parallelly.

Is it the async listener notification that one needs to use for a parallel processing or it can still be achieved using a synchronous listener notification tweaking some configs?


Hi Dhiraj,

please refer the webMethods MQ Adapter Users and Installation Guide for further informations.

As the synchronous notification waits for the flow service to complete before invoking the next one, you will have to switch to asynchronous notifications which will publish the received messages to Messaging component (either Broker or UM) and you can then use a concurrent trigger to invoke the flow service. But be aware that the data can overlap in this case when later invocation will be completing faster than an earlier invocation.

Make sure that you have latest Fixes for MQ Adapter applied which should be MQS_6.5_Fix48 or newer.
Remember to check the version of the MQSeries jars against the version of the MQSeries Server, the provider of the MQSeries instance can help you here.


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