MQ Adapter Connection not updating when changed

Hi all,

Can anyone confirm, or not, if an MQ Adapter connection caches it’s settings?

I ask because we changed the queue name in one of the connections we have, a connection used for putting onto the queue, and after restarting the connection it continued to put files onto the previous queue, not the one referenced in the connection settings. Stopping and starting the connection made no difference.

Other screens on the admin web interface tell you if a restart is needed, before changes take affect, but you don’t get this warning when changing MQ connection settings. So we assumed no restart of anything was required.

After restarting IS, the new settings were picked up and started working as expected. so we know the connection settings were correct.

So just wondering if this is an oversight in the admin page (no restart warning), or an actual bug (no restart should be required), or of course just a glitch on our system!

IS 6.5 Build 394
Updates WmPRT_6-5-1_SP1 and IS_6-5_SP2
WmMQAdapter Build 17