MQ Adapter 6.5 Transactional Notification behaviour (DOC que

Hi all,

The WebSphere MQ Adapter User’s Guide Version 6.5 has a section talking about the behaviour of listeners that says (in summary):

  1. If we have a transactional connection then the listener will remove a message from the queue before it has successfully published it

  2. If we have a non-transactional connection then the listener will conditionally commit or roll-back the message if the listener can’t process the message.

To me this seems to be the wrong way around. Is this a documentation problem? Shouldn’t the transactional connection use transactional commit/rollback operations?

I’m interested in sorting this out to prevent data loss. I don’t know how to work out a destructive test for this (maybe by filling up a Broker?).


Yes, this was an error in the webMethods WebSphere MQ Adapter User’s Guide 6.5. We’ve made the correction on page 172, and have posted an updated version of the guide on the Advantage Bookshelf.

If you have any other concerns about the documentation, please let us know.


Debbie Creuziger
Lead Technical Writer, Adapter and eStandards

webMethods, Inc.