Moving the models into a folder

i am working with webmethods6.1 modeler.
i have created 10 models.
now i have to move all the models into a folder in modeler.
i cant able to copy it and i cant able to drag it into a folder.

can u plz tell me if is there any possibility.
its very urgent.


You can export the models using modeller then save it to destination foleder.

I have the Same Problem.

I Exported this model to my local machine Desktop and then i try to import. But its store outside the folder only.

How to give the Destination Path.

I want to save inside the folder name like ‘RecentOne’

Thanks in advance.


I think i am very late to respond :slight_smile:
but in modeler 6.1.5 you can rename the existing model and while renaming juct click on the folder and save the model gets moved to the folder automatically.


Thanks for your response