Moving devices between tenants

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Cumulocity IoT

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We want to move a device from our Management-Tenant to a Subtenant. Is there a way to move the device dashboard configuration between tenants. Copying the datapoint-library would also be good.

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Question related to a free trial, or to a production (customer) instance?

Is there a way to do that via the inventory API or Tenant options or something else?

There are multiple ways how you can achieve that.

  1. Most easiest way would be to use the Data Broker.. That’s not a real “move” but “copy” of devices to other tenants. Still the subtenant can work with the device as it would be added in the tenant and you get updates like in the management tenant.
    In the data broker you can even decide that you want to skip specific events, fragments to be copied to the target tenant

  2. For a real migration there is open-source tool

It leverages the API and actually moves everything related to a device to a new tenant (including Dashboards etc.). I’m not so sure about the datapoint-library.

  1. Use the REST API and tools like GitHub - reubenmiller/go-c8y-cli: Unofficial go c8y cli tool for interacting with the Cumulocity IoT REST API.
    As I stated everything can be done using the API you might want to make your life easier by using the go-c8y-cli to pipe commands for you migration or build a small script to migrate devices from one tenant to another.