MOVE EDITED W-N (EM='?Label:'99) TO W-A

When editing a text into a numeric field with MOVE EDITED (s. Subject),
the 1st position (in this case the “?”) is ignored.

  1. What is this value used for?
  2. Where is it documented?

From NAT 6 on windows Help:
Literal Leading Characters
Any number of literal leading characters can appear before the first displayable position (as indicated by Z or 9). These must follow any sign character. If there is no sign character and the first literal leading character is +, -, S or N, it must be enclosed in apostrophes. If a literal leading character is H, X, Z or 9, it must be enclosed in apostrophes.

The first literal leading character specified will appear in the output only if the value contains leading zeros and the edit mask is defined with Z (leading zero suppression). This character will then be used as a filler character displayed instead of a blank for leading zeros. Subsequent literal leading characters will be displayed as they are input.

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