Monthly chron timer (Analytics builder)


in order to use a monthly chrontimer there is the following gap if you want to schedule it monthly:

“Days of Month The days of the month on which to trigger the signal.
Range: 1 to 31.”

but there is a gap actually if the month includes 30 days or even 28/29 days for Feb

any suggested workaround? or this requires a feature request?

Probably easiest solution will be to add 3 different crons. Another solution would be adding a job for 28-31 and checking if tomorrow is a new month.

Just a hunch but it is also worth testing it for -1.

I am not sure if I got the problem right - as 28/29/30 is within this 1-31 range. Is it that you want to run a Job “on the last day of the month”? Wouldn’t running it in early hours of the 1st be an option?

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