Monitoring the services


I need to create a utility for getting the trigger mail as soon as the user tries to lock or unlock the services or modifying the services.

Trigger mail should have the details of the user name who locks the services, date, etc…

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There is no direct way of doing this, but try to explore lock/unlock mechanism how the WmRoot services does that internally by observing flow.xml or node.ndf files whether any changes occur in the FS and update the forum with your observations.


Any reason for implementing this utility? Is it really useful? Can you explain me the importance please?

I would suggest to enable the security logging on IS and monitor or parse the security logs as this will capture/record all the activities on IS.


Integration server would be storing the locked and unlocked services in a database table. we should know the name of the table. then it would be simple task. Its my assumption. we need to get confirmation from SAG.

We don’t have any thing out-of-box but yes this is possiable. Do some research and I would suggest this to inculded this in Brainstrom as somany vendors are looking for this feature

Hi Sai,

I have a doubt regarding Resource monitoring property in Triggers. Say I have trigger and I have set the Resource monitoring property.

  1. Whether the trigger executes first time and if fails, the resource monitoring will run /before invoking trigger for the first time, the resource monitoring will run?

  2. If the resource monitoring output (isAvailable =true),How does the Trigger knows that the resource monitoring result is true and retry the service?

  3. How to identify if the error occurred is a transient exception.

Could you please share the steps for performing SOAP over JMS triggers.


@ karthikeyan,
Kindly create a new thread as your questions is out of the current thread context. Please find my comments at

webMethods doesn’t provide such a functionality and does’t support to extend it in any way.
The only way is code rejection in runtime, but I won’t suggest you to do that besides of DEV.

After that, you could add customized logic when someone locks or unlocks a node, please refers to the attached screen-shot, I chose to print the message to System.out.

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