Monitoring the data in MQ adapter level and broker

Hi All,

Currently i am using 9.7 version and we have one requirement to monitor the data in MQ adapter level (fetching data from MQ and publish the data to broker) and in broker level.

Requirement is transaction we received from MQ through adapter should be sent to one queue and the transaction reached to broker sent to the same queue.

Kindly let me know is there any way to get the from MQ in service level before publishing to the broker and way to get the data reached the broker.

Note: There is already one subscribe service to subscribe the data from broker. We will implement this requirement in subscribe service.

I just want to know if there are possibilities to monitor the data in MQ adapter level and Broker level.


Hi Varun,

please provide the version of the MQ Jar-Files as well as version with Fix Level for MQ Adapter and Broker.

You can use Service Auditing in Monitor by setting the audit properties of the subscribe service accordingly.