monitor service getInstanceListCustomData error

Hi All,

I am using the built-in service pub.monitor.process.instance:getInstanceListCustomData to get the list of all the process instances that meet the custom data specified in the input.
But the problem that I am facing is this service doesn’t take into consideration the dateCreated and fromDate and toDate fields specified in the input.

It gives me the list of all the process instances even though, I try to limit the result by setting the dateCreated as Yesterday/LastWeek etc.Even if I set the fromDate and toDate fields it returns all the process instances.

Request you to please help me if anyone has faced this issue and know of any resolution.


Hi All,

I have found a solution to my problem.Thought of sharing so that it might be helpful to everyone.

There is a Monitor fix to this issue.Please look at the below URL in advantage for more details.


Hi Kiran,

I am facing the same problem. Can you please tel me the work around you applied. Or Only fix installation is the work around? The above Fix url is not opened at all.

Please help me.