Monitor Server Thread Pool

Hi all,

I would like to be able to monitor the server thread pool of Integration Server in a Server Monitoring Tool (Nagios). Basically I need the data that is displayed under “Settings > Resources” in the section “Server Thread Pool” (see screenshot). Is there a way to get this data using JMX or a build-in IS service?


Hi Mathias,
You should be able to hook Nagios into the webMethods IS JVM via it’s JMX support. That would be the preferred way instead of going through the IS. I’m not sure how Nagios hooks into the JVM but I’m guessing its probably like all others and you will have to either put an agent in place on the IS server and hook the JVM through that, usually it’s just a few extra settings in the server.bat/sh or it may hook in to the standard JMX interface available through Sun/Oracle JMX flags.

You can try out the JMX monitoring by hooking in JConsole(Comes with java) into the IS JVM by adding these flags to your server.bat/sh parameters:

JConsole documentation heree - Using JConsole - Java SE Monitoring and Management Guide



thanks for the response. I already managed to connect to the IS using JMX. But there I can get no information about this thread pool.

Just the number of total threads. Please see the screenshot. Any ideas on how to see the server thread pool there.

Assuming you already found this - /invoke/wm.server.query:getResourceSettings . It’s notoriously inaccurate however, click on it multiple times and you will see your thread count jumping all over the place. I wouldn’t rely on it for accurate thread utilization if that is what you are after.

Hi mathiasd,

Can I know what Nagios product are you using for this Monitoring?

I assume it is “JMX Monitoring With Nagios”?

Also normally can you be able to use logs/stats.log file feeding to JMX/JConsole that gives every thing in one place?


Hi mathias ,
You and invoke webMethods service wm.server.query:getResourceSettings remotely to get the Resource Settings.


Thanks a lot for your replies. I think I will have to use the service for monitoring than.

Good Afternoon Mathias,

I am pretty new on WM server administration and I would like to know if you can share me how did you manage to implement JMX Monitoring Tool within your IS, so here with my mates can we implement it too to monitor as many IS thread pools as we can.

Thanks so much for your help!