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Hi All,

I am trying to expose my SOAP API from to external system (say, ServiceNow). What is happening now is that the target system is not getting the “proper” envelope based on my WSDL. It is creating an additional namespace <cre:Create_Case> in the SOAP message at their end.

My question is :- Is there any way in to modify/manipulate the SOAP Message in our API? I have tried changing the SOAP Version from 1.1 to 1.2 as well. But it didn’t work.

I have attached the samples for reference:

  1. What Should be (in the external system):

  1. What is (Currently being generated in the external system)

  1. Below is what I get when trying to generate the SOAP Message using “Wizdler” (chrome-extension)

Do suggest if there is a way to manually or (by changing API configuration) make the SOAP message as shown in the image for Case 1.

This seems to be a doc definition issue. Things are defined such that the system thinks the SOAP body has one top-level element named Create_Case and then THAT document has one element named Create_Case. And the nested element doesn’t have a namespace assigned.

Can you share your document types? Or resulting WSDL? Given that Wizdler also is seeing the “extra” level, it seems the doc type definitions are going one level too deep that erroneously repeats the Create_Case doc.

Update:- Indeed. I removed the Document from the input and simply created the fields. Now, it is coming fine. Thanks for the hint. :wink:

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