Modify JDBC adapter connection withought effecting Adapter services


I have a bunch or adapter services built on a jdbc adapter (to be specific its connecting JDE One world). Now I am moving all my services to a different server where the path and name of the JDBC adapter are different. Now is rewriting all my services the only solution or , some how, can I change the adapter setting in my services ??


webMethods support might be able to offer you some undocumented procedure for doing this, but I don’t think there is an easy way.

Can you not just create the JDE One World JDBC adapter connection (using the same namespace) on the new server?

I believe that you are simply using JDBC adapter to connect OneWorld files but not OneWorld Interop functions. If my guess is correct, what you need is to change the Connection String and System IP address in the JDBC tag of JDBC adapter to point to different system accordingly.

Hello Jake and Chris,

Thank you for your reponse. Yes Jake I am directly connecting to the SQL server underlying OneWorld. But when I am moving my services to the production server I have to use the JDBC adapter built on that IS for the SQL Server, which unfortunately has a different namespace. And hence I guess I have to rebuild all of my adapter services.

Also, In any development process you connect to a testing database initially and then migrate to production. Now in your adapter services you specify the table name as <current>.<current>.table, which may change when you move to production. So you have to make change in all you adapter services before moving into production. Is there an easier way of doing this ??