models are not visible

Hi All,

I have following problem: I don’t see any model on Design Server when I connect with Modeler.

All models are currently deployed and works, but I did some changes to some of them couple of days ago and deployed them. Meanwhile we did some restarts of IS and now I can’t see any model.

Problem is, that my latest backed up models are not the same as deployed ones and I need to obtain the current deployed models ;o)

My question is → How to obtain these models? It’s possible somehow to get them from database? Have you ever had such a problem?



the problem is, that we deleted WmRepository (Modeler’s repository) storage on file system during failover-tests, so now there are no models visible ;o)


Yes you are correct, when you create the models through the modeler the models are stored in the WmReposity.db file on the server.
You may get it if you keep backups…

If I get any other way to get the models back I would let you know.