Modeler pipeline

Hi All,

I have a model with 10 steps in it.
It is a clustered environment, wM6.1.
each step in the model uses pub/sub model
My model is triggered by ‘processDataInput’.


step1: processDataInput
Step2 processDataInput …

what i meant to say is , each step in the process is subscribing to the same ‘processDataInput’ document and in each service, it is invoking a service which uses this ‘processDataInput’ docuemnt.

My question is :

If i drop the ‘processDatainput’ document in the first step’s flow service(i am not updating any thing in the ‘processDataInput’ doc ,rather i am utilizing the ‘processDataInput’ to extract some data each time in the service) ,then the second step will have 'processDataInput ’ doc in the pipeline or not?

in second step i am subscribing to the ‘processDataInput’ doc.

if i put in otherway,entire model will create only one ‘pipeline’ or instances of the pipeline?

thanks in advance

Entire Model will share the same pipeline and if you drop the document in its first step, thenthe processDatainput doc will be null for the second step