Modeler limitation


We are facing limitation problem using webMethods Modeler. The Modeler generated trigger process mode is Concurrent automatically. But our user wants process mode serial in places of concurrent to avoid duplicate process. Please let me know the setup to verify.


You can always manually update the trigger in the generated package. It is a separate step - you can’t set this in Modeler directly.

You should not get duplicate process models by having concurrent trigger setting though - concurrent trigger just means that the IS will handle more than one document at a time, not generate duplicate instances. Using serial will mean that you can only start one process model at a time or be processing one step at a time. Using serial will only affect order and concurrency but it will not actually change the handling of the inbound documents.

In most cases, you will want to use Concurrent triggers.

Also note that in Designer 7.1, when you generate the process model it will update the existing trigger, rather than deleting and recreating the trigger every time.

This means that if you set the trigger properties (like setting it to be serial), regenerating the process will not overwrite the last trigger settings.

Just an FYI.