Model not triggered. - IS Document subscription

Hi All,

In our environment, Different process models subscribed to the same IS document with different filter condition.

Whenever the IS document published with the filter condition, corresponding models should get triggered.

In QA Environmnet couple of model get triggering and some of them not get triggering even we are publishing with right filter condtion.

Model Flow:

  1. Publishing the document to Broker
  2. Model trigger subscribing the document and handover to PRT. (handlePublishedInput) service.
  3. Model first step, subscribing the IS document.

Models are in clustered environment and the same models working fine in PROD and not working in QA. Again the same model components are redeployed from PROD to QA and no luck.

I have referred couple of threads in advantage website, it says to verify corelation ID and service.

In our models, we dont have any correation service selected in the first step and not enabled Local correlation also.

I would like to check correlation ID is unique or not across all the models.

Can you please help/advice, how to find correlation id from models?

Thanks & Regards,

Hi Arul

I guess the problem is not with the correaltionID.Can you pls let me know the webMethods version you are using.

1.You can find the correlation details in the following table :WMPRTXREF.but you need to use pub.prt.correlate:establishCorrelation to see the data in the mentioned table.
2.Did you check the subscription trigger which is subscribing to the document which is coming from Broker.Check by executing that trigger and see if you are getting any error
3.can u provide me the error while publishing the document from it saying Rejecting the document.
4. Are you using different Logical Servers for different steps in the model?


That used to happen quite often. Try to delete all the triggers (or at least the ones that are not working), and make sure the filters are correct.

There isn’t any error message when you publish the document? Something like, trigger rejected document because of X or something similar….

By the way, those process models are enabled in wM monitor, right?