Model needs to be changed to unidirectional


We are using a bi-directional model for a message processing.

A message comes from a cutomer and model is triggered , goes an acknowledgement.

then the message is converted into some target flat file schema and sent to application team for processing…

Now it waits for 24 Hrs for response.

Model gets response from Application team and it gets converted into Customer message format and send to the customer…and waits for an acknowledgement from customer and after receiving the acknowledgement the model gets completed.

Now the approach has been changed for this interface ,
the message comes from the customer , but it after processing at our end ,we will not be sending any response.

So my query is how we can make this model unidirectional or what changes we need to make , as if we won’t make this unidirectional , it will always throw exception.


Edit your model, You just need to remove all the response steps. After sending the ack for the original message, move to the Done step, so the model will complete.