Model is not getting failed?

Hi All,
I am using webMethods 6.1 env, for some of the transactions model is in started state only even if the time period which i given when i created. For ex if i didnot receive ACK from user in 2 hr it should failed, But in my case even if did not receive for 4 days transaction still showing as in started state only. Could you please help out in this situation. we have a fix WmPRT_6-1_SP2_Fix4 in my environment.

Thanks a lot for your heart full support

Nagendra Kumar.R

Are you using correlation?


I had the same problem, when waiting step had a step timeout set but it was completely ignored by the Prt/IS and the instance never failed due to timeout.
Try to look for fix for this.


I am using 7.1.1. It works fine in the XP server, but have the same problem when deployed to Unix servers. Please let me know if you know of any fix to this.

Hi, I think this is the problem with the process model step/join timeout. The timer object is not getting expired.I had the same problem with PRT 6.1 (IS had SP2) and in a clustered environment. Applying the PRT Fix(Cant remember the fix number) recommended by software AG in the advantage website solved the problem.