modal dialog, double click and async command button


I have an issue while toggling a modal dialog with an async command button.
Both command button and modal dialog are in the same portlet/form.
The refresh and toggle properties of the command button are set to the modal dialog.
When I click on the button, the dialog is displayed => OK (expected behiaviour)
When I do the same with double-click instead of click, the dialog is not toggled and my portlet is completely disabled.

Do someone have a hint, on how to force the same behaviour for click and double-click?

PS: I’m using MWS 7.1.3 with latest fix for CAF and MWS.


Hi Frederic,
If you want the same behavior then i would suggest using an icon and write the CAF script on both click and double click to show the modal dialog.

Hi Sravan,

thanks for the rply. I have tried to do as you suggested, but unfortunately the issue remains the same. It seems that the click event is handled prior to the double-click event and thus it comes to the discribed issue. Do you know a way to ignore click-event when a double click-event is used?


OK I’ve found a solution to the issue.

To display the modal dialogue out of a one way toglle button, you must set the way property to show instead of toggle. Then you can double click the button and it behaves as desired.
By the way: The cancel button on the modal dialogue still have the way property set to toggle.