ML Workbench


ML Workbench is an open-source machine learning and artificial intelligence platform for Data Scientist to solve business problems faster and quicker, build prototypes and convert them to an actual project. The modeler helps from data preparation to model building and deployment, the tool supports a large variety of algorithms that can be run without a single line of code. The web-based tool has various components which help Data Scientist of different skill levels to perform several model building tasks and provides deployment-ready PMML files which can be hosted as a REST service.


Please pick your installation instructions in the following according to the OS you are using.

Keep 30 GB memory space for ML Workbench application.
Docker 18.09 CE onwards
Docker-compose version 1.23.2

Installation time may take up to 20 mins depending on the machine type and/or internet connectivity.
you can extract or pull images in parallel by opening multiple commands prompts tab.
Ubuntu 18.04+ Linux System / Windows 10 machine / Mac OS

Further Instructions

For further instructions visit the repository at GitHub: MLW

Software AG open code at GitHub.

Forking and pull requests are welcome. For bugs related to the code please create an issue in the Github Repository. For any questions or requests, please post a comment below.