Minimum hardware requirements for Integration Server

We should provide updated minimum hardware specs for both on-premise VM installations as well as docker installations. We should run IS regression tests with these minimum requirements to make sure it remains functional.

We’ll take a note to examine this again. IS runs amazing well on low hardware scenarios. Myself, I run IS (well MSR) as a container insider docker under windows subsystem for linux (I’m a glutton for punishment). I only have 16GB ram in total on my laptop, but even then, IS works well, with all the overhead of Docker, Hyper-V, the host windows OS, and the Docker linux OS!

Thanks Dave. It’s the number of core’s I am especially concerned about. I’ve seen cases where a VM (i.e. operating system) is running with only 2 cores. I am thinking 4 cores as a minimum would be good. btw, I think pinning a docker container 2 cores would be acceptable as it doesn’t have to incur the full OS services.