MIME soap messages

A client is sending us multipart messages that do not seem to get processed by our processor.

It sends either “simplesoap” or “mimesoap” messages, the custom made processor handles this correctly, but when a mimesoap message arrives and he tries to parse it using “pub.soap.utils:soapDataToString” it returns ‘null’ as output. So it seems that the message is not correctly formatted in case of multipart. Can I somehow check what the exact conditions are for this “soapDataToString” service?

What version of IS are you using? What do you mean by “mimesoap”?

The soapDataToString service takes a soapData object as input. This is a WM-specific java class, that gets created by the content handler when a soap message is posted to IS before it is passed to one of the default soap processors or a custom soap processor that you have created and registered.

What is creating the “mimesoap” message? I don’t think this is supported in IS 6.1 and earlier (perhaps not 6.5 either, but I haven’t tested this) You can probably enhance your custom soap processor to do so, but it may take a bit of work.