MIME and SMIME services in 10.15

Hello Everyone,

I am using the MIME and SMIME services in 10.5, which works fine; however, in 10.15, it gives me the error.

Step#1 - use “pub.mime:createMimeData” to create MIME data
Step#2 - use “pub.smime.keystore:processEncryptedData” to process the encrypted data

I get the error as “com.wm.app.b2b.server.ServiceException: [ISS.0086.9055] Could not retrieve content from input” in 10.15; however, it does work in 10.5 without any problem.


Hi Pankaj,

can you describe the complete usecase in detail, please?
At which step do you get the error message?
I assume that it is happening at createMimeData (from input).


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Hello Holger,

Thank you for your response.

createMimeData tells me the payload is encrypted, so I am getting the correct value from the service. I am using the “Stream” produced by the createMimeData in processEncryptedData service, and processEncryptedData date throws the error.

Does anyone has an issue with SMIME services in 10.15

Anything that works on lower version should work on higher version unless it is deprecated for good but that rarely happens. If it doesn’t work, that usually means there is a bug and usually installing the latest fixes solves the issue. Have you installed any fixes to 10.15? If not try installing all available fixes first.

If it doesn’t fix please show what you have in your service with screen shots and sample inputs.

SAG is working on it, and I will update here once I have any suggestions from them

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