Migrating webMethods 8.2 to 9.8

Dear All,

Am very new to work in migration projects.

Please help me in getting migrating document for 9.8.

and kindly help me in understanding, How a migration will be?

Now in webMethods 8.2:

  1. Native Brokers — How to migrate the Native brokers to Universal Messaging- Factors to be taken care of.
    3.JDBC Adapter
  2. A client Adapter which is much close to SAP Adapter.

I would like to know, what are the factors should be taken care as part of impact analysis and any document to proceed with it.

Thanks in advance:)


Hi Raj,

check Empower or TechCommunity for the appropriate migration guides.

You should consider a side by side migration.

Be careful with webServices as the handling in 9.x is quite different then in 8.2 (not all of our webservice could be migrated directly, instead whe had to read in some of them from scratch and use them with 9.x-handling instead of the old handling. Check the pre-8.2-compatibility. In the some cases we had to correct the WSDL and convince our partners to adopt this on their side).

For the JDBC-Adapter:
check if you can switch the JDBC-Adapter from 6.5 to 9.0.

For the client Adapter:
check if it can be replaced by SAP-Adapter 7.1 or if it needs to be ported to the new ART-version.

For the Broker to UM migration:
From 9.8 there will be a migration Script for this.

If you are still unsure you should contact your responsible SAG consulting department and ask for migration support. They can also give advice about the client adapter.


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Thank you so much Holger:)

Please provide some pointers for getting migration Script.


Hi Raj,

the migration scripts are included in the installations of the new version.

You should check the build-in-services guides for deprecated services, depecrated parameters on services as well as for parameters with changed default behaviour.

For Process Models you should additionally check if you have XOR-Joins.

If using PSUtilities-services directly or by copying to your packages or if you have custom java code for certain steps please check if there is a replacement available in WmPublic-package. If so consider using the WmPublic-services instead of the PSUtilities- or custom service, as they WmPublic-service is officially supported by SAG Global Support.

Prepare for complete regression testing on the existing instances before starting the migration and on the new instances after completing the migration to make sure you have covered all steps required.


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migration script information you can find in upgrade guide.

just keep in mind you will be able to use migration script only if your version is 8.2.2

post back if you have any issues.

Thank you so much Holger and Mangat.

we have just started to work on it. Your inputs are really apperciatable.

Will let you guys know. if we face any problems.


Yes please do check the migration userguide for 9.8 and it covers 822 and regarding Broker to UM yes the documentation covers the migration tool for UM.

Any issues with the tool please raise a ticket with SAG and take expert advise.



We are also planning to Upgrade from 8.2 to 9.8, can you please tell me where I can get migration userguide for 9.8 and other related documents, if you could give me link.



documentation can be found in empower and tech community also.

I am not able to find this specific document - Upgrade from 8.2 to 9.8 documentation

there is no specific 8.2 to 9.8 document. there is one generic upgrade document which will talk about all versions



Thanks This is what I was looking for.

Is it necessary to migrate wM broker to UM or can broker alone be maintained as the only messaging provider while an upgrade ?

You should update Broker at least to 9.6 (valid for all wM Release 9.6+).

On one of the upcoming migrations in the next years you will have definitely to migrate from Broker to UM.

New Installations of wM 9.8 onwards are recommended to directly start with UM.


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Hello Team,

We are migrating from 8.2.2 to 9.8. After migrating the JDBC Adapters, we noticed that the WHERE Tab for Update, Select and Delete adapters do not have parameters listed (bottom part) which causes errors when trying to test the services. Is there a way to solve this migration issue? or do we really need to update all adapters migrated to add/reload all the parameters?

Kindly see attached screenshot for reference. The missing parameter is enclosed in the red box.

The adapter version in wM8.2.2 is 6.5.

**Note: Reading the previous posts on this topic, there was a suggestion to update the Adapter version to 9.0. Do we need to update the adapter version at wM8.2.2 from 6.5 to 9.0 before we migrate the adapters to avoid the missing parameter issue?

Appreciate your help! Thanks!


JDBC Adapter 9.0 ist not available for older wM Versions before 9.x.

There is an additional migration script to be run to migrate the adapter services from 6.5 to 9.0.
This should be mentioned in the documentation of JDBC Adapter 9.0.

As a second approach you can drop and recreate the adapter services.