Migrate data from Cloudscape DB to SQL DB

I’ve started to work with the webMethods built-in DB.
Now I want to use an external DB (SQL Server). the connectivity with the DB works well, but all the new tables are empty.
I’ve got some problem with the TN Console, I cannot create new partner profiles, becouse it seems TN doesn’t have any data it need.
how can I move the data from cloudscape to the new one?

I think you can do the following.
In the TN Console\config directory there is a init.xml script. Import that into your new database. Then you will be alright. If you want to copy TN data from Cloudscape to other DB, get your TN configured to use your old cloudscape database and export the information you need to a file using TN console. Then reconfigure your TN to use new DB and import that file using TN Console. Restart your IS wherever necessary.