Microsoft Word documents within Tamino?

Is it possible to edit and update a word document via the web using Tamino. We have a requirement for some of the fields in the word document to be stored in a database and the reset to be stored as text in word along with tables and graphs.

Basically we need to intendify the fields in the document so we can store them in a database by some means.


yeah i’d like to know how to do that also :wink:

Yes you can store and retrieve Winword documents
in Tamino.

Presumably you want to extract fields from the Winword doc via Word API from the document.

Are they application specific fields? or are they standard winword properties like title etc?

I have an Tamino based infrastructure that implements meta data information for nonXML documents Currently it supports Dublin Core Vocabulary. You can retrieve the documents by querying the metadata (Title Author etc)

Am I getting close?

The WebDav interface to Tamino might also be some use here