MicroserviceSDK no revert parameter in MeasurementFilter or QueryParam

Hi guys,

I use the MicroserviceSDK (Spring + Kotlin) to build something like a facade around the MeasurmentAPI. My microservice has as params the following that I map one to one to the MeasurmentAPI.

fun getMeasurements(
        @RequestParam("source") source: String,
        @RequestParam("pagesize") pageSize: Int?,
        @RequestParam("valueFragmentSeries") valueFragmentSeries: String?,
        @RequestParam("valueFragmentType") valueFragmentType: String?,
        @RequestParam("dateFrom") dateFrom: DateTime?,
        @RequestParam("dateTo") dateTo: DateTime?,
        @RequestParam("revert") revert: Boolean?,

The problem is that I don’t find a way to give the revert param into the MeasurmentAPI. I try to find the parameter in MeasurementFilter but there is no revert parameter. So I try to find it in QueryParam where I can only find WITH_TOTAL_PAGES, WITH_PARENTS, WITH_CHILDREN and SKIP_CHILDREN_NAMES. So how to query against platform.measurementApi with revert parameter?

Hi David,

have a look at the this article Best-Practices to use the Microservice SDK for Java for custom API queries. It describes how you can create your own custom QueryParam in case it isn’t supported by the Microservice SDK. The interesting part should be this one: Create a convenience class for code simplification.

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Christian Guether

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