Microservice Runtime


I am doing POC on implementing microservices in dokcer, i want to know that is there any need of installing microservice runtime to do the work microservices in docker.

And also want to know that Microservice Runtime license key is required or not?

Is there any additional settings we get if we place microservice runtime license key while installation.

Can any one please share your knowledge on this.



You need a license key in order to use the capabilities of MSR.

This link might help you to download the binary image


Hi mahesh,

Can you give an brief explaination where i will find the capabilities of MSR as i already run the binary image.



You can review the product docs at



Also, I will try to post some realtime usecases in the code samples section soon.

@Mahesh, wondering where do you find all these avatars?

@Xiaowei Wang, I found them on the internet, did you like it :slight_smile: