Microservice Configuration Frontend - Examples/Best Practices

As stated in the topic name I have a question concerning examples/best practices for configuration of microservices.

I already have implemented a multi tenant microservice that has certain configuration parameters available as tenant options. I don’t want to force the users to use Postman to change the tenant microservice configuration parameters, i want this functionality to be available somwhere as an interface in the platform.Since i don’t really have any Cumulocity frontend experience and I did not find anything concerning this in the documentation, could anyone point me in the right direction concerning this topic?

Hi @dst

that a very good point and clearly missing in the product currently!
Not helping much but we have identified this as a quick win in the last internal IoT Hackathon. Unfortunately we didn’t work on this but hopefully will do this in one of the next Hackathons this year!

Let’s see if someone is taking this task and implementing it meanwhile, shouldn’t’ be much effort.

In the end it will be an open-source extension you can install with the new plugin concept easily to your tenant.

Hi Stefan,

Thanks for the quick feedback, i just thought i was missing something. I guess implementing a small UI component with a couple of text input fields should be doable even with limited experience :slight_smile: .

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